Klang A.C.S. Old Boys' Association

A.C.S. Old Boys' Association (Klang)

Social Affairs Committee

The basic functions of this Sub-Committee are as follows:

In the early days before the OBA was registered, gatherings of Old Boys were held as and when occasions arose, which were few and far between, for various reasons.

Documentary evidence which is available shows that such gatherings were held in 1926, 1936, 1938, 1948 and 1957 as social gatherings and for reviving the OBA.

Since the registration of the OBA in 1961, Reunion Dinners had been held for fifty years without a break at various venues in Klang for logistic reasons, culminating in the Golden Jubilee/50th Annual Reunion Dinner on Saturday 27th August, 2011 at the Premiere Hotel in Klang. The only reunion dinner held outside Klang was the Silver Jubilee/25th Reunion Dinner which was held at the Neptune Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on 12th April 1986. All the reunion dinners had been extremely well attended – 600 to 650 participants, comprising guests, Old Boys, family members, friends and supporters. The attendance at the Golden Jubilee Dinner was 750.

The programme would normally include speeches, entertainment such as band and song renditions, citations and award presentations (where applicable), lucky draws, table draws and occasionally fund raising for the Association’s programmes and activities.

Reunion Dinners present on of the best opportunities for Old Boys, classmates, schoolmates and friends to socialize and reminisce on our experiences.

Formal and informal gatherings had also been organised from time to time to honour or socialise with some personalities and Old Boys.

When ACS celebrated the Centenary in 1993, the major celebration event was the grand 120 table dinner held at Shangrila Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 3rd April 1993, in which the OBA played active roles.

The Social Sub-Committee with a Chairman and at least 3 Committee Members are responsible for organizing refreshments, lunches and dinners, annual reunion dinners or other ad-hoc dinners for special events such as dinners in honour of members and others connected with the OBA who are conferred State awards and at Annual Family Days/Walk. A senior member of the Committee of Management heads this Sub-Committee with members who may include past presidents, etc.