Klang A.C.S. Old Boys' Association

A.C.S. Old Boys' Association (Klang)

Public Relations Committee

The basic functions of this Sub-Committee are as follows:

  1. To disseminate news and information about the OBA through newsletters and circulars to all OBA members.
  2. To dispatch relevant documents such as Annual Reports, Newsletters, Circulars, Publications if any etc. to all members as and when necessary.
  3. To monitor and receive comments, suggestions etc. relating to the OBA from members (and Old Boys) and to convey them to the Management Committee for information, action etc. where deemed necessary.
  4. Any other functions within the scope of its terms of reference.

The first Newsletter of the OBA, after its registration in 1961, was issued in April 1962 and the pioneer Editor was the late Mr. Koh Teck Chong, who was a member of the first Committee of Management 1961/1963. Mr. Lee Hin Koi was assigned this portfolio when he joined the new Committee in 1963, and held that position for many years.

To date (April 2012) the OBA has circulated 91 Newsletters, 50 Annual Reports and also Circulars and Publications.

Due to the current high cost of postage as well as printing/photostating charges, we issue only a limited number of Newsletters.